For Bodygrams (series II), I steeped myself into trays of semi-hardened soap and made molds of different parts of my body. I then broke up the molds, and made photograms from the remnants, connecting each image into a 6.6' x 25' continuous image.

For Bodygrams (scape), I used a similar process. I broke up the 20'' x 16'' molds and created a topographical landscape of my body.

Bodygrams (series II) 6.6' x 25', c-prints, edition 1/1,

Installation, Lily Pad, Cambridge 6.6' x 25'

Bodygrams (series II)1 40'' x 30'', c-print

Bodygrams (series II) details 6.6' x 7.5', c-prints

Bodygrams (series II) details 6.6' x 5', c-prints

Bodygrams (scape) 20'' x 160'', c-prints, edition 1/1

Bodygrams (scape)6 20'' x 16'', c-print

Bodygrams (scape)7 20'' x 16'', c-print