Reinterview Practice from Beth Cohen on Vimeo.

Clip: 5 minutes
Video Performance: 17 minutes, HD

I am interested in the idea of mainstream success. I chose to interview myself based on the top 100 job interview question put out on the internet by In the video, I play back my initial interview that I did with myself. Playing it back through a small speaker set, I am trying to rehearse my original interview, but I am unable to repeat verbatim what I had initially said. The result is that my words become muddled and disjointed.

How is it that we "practice" for success in an interview? How do we perform? By documenting this act in a seemingly majestic beach setting,with only the buzzing flies hinting at the dead seal, and the tide coming in around me, I am not in the comfortable setting of one's private interior space where one might practice how to put one's best foot forward.