Roll from Beth Cohen on Vimeo.

Clip: 1:19 minute
Video Performance: 25 minutes, HD

Continuing to explore my interest in how class and time intersect, I wanted to do something that was contrary to my actions in Feels like Home, where I climbed around ornate rooms trying not to touch the floor.

In Roll, I took the approach that to really understand the space, I wanted to roll through every room in the house. Most of the rolling was done in isolation, but as I enter into the last section of the house, there is some commotion, but nobody seems to notice me--like my rolling action is either completely routine, or that I don't even exist, the sounds of the news override my body. I am now sweaty and out of breath as I finish the last stretch of the 25 minute performance.

Similarly to biking versus driving, when you bike you learn the true topography that you might not appreciate in a car, every hill can seem like a mountain. I wanted to learn this space with my entire body.